Business Law & Incorporation

We can assist you with setting up your business or non-profit organization, from start to finish.

Our attorneys have had experience in business law issues ranging from breach of contracts, distribution agreements, business planning, business plan review/drafting, partnership disputes and landlord-tenant related matters.  We have the experience and professionalism to guide you through your legal matter.  The following is a full list of the areas in which we can provide business law services:

  1. Employment Contracts
  2. Business to Business Contracts
  3. Breach of Contracts
  4. Business Planning / Business Plan Review / Startups
  5. Incorporation / Partnership Agreements / Shareholders Agreements
  6. Compliance ( with local / state / federal laws and regulations )
  7. Employee Handbooks
  8. Distribution Agreements
  9. Workplace Discrimination / Harassment
  10. H1B visas / Business Immigration
  11. Landlord-Tenant Issues
  12. Collections

Contact us today to setup a free consultation with one of our attorneys. You can start by sending us an email by using the form below:

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